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Cruising World Magazine Cruising World

Cruising World is a new free-issue boating publication distributed through boat clubs, chandlers, marinas and other associated premises. It is published quarterly and has a current distribution of nearly 40,000 copies. In addition to its hard-copy issues, the full text of the magazine is available free on our website thereby offering the widest possible readership.

We concentrate on destinations, with profiles of cruising grounds around the world. Our articles report on local berthing options as well as about waterside property opportunities. Cruising World is for people who enjoy cruising - whether on their own boat, a charter boat, or from an armchair.


The Canal du Midi - an introduction The Canal du Midi - an introduction

One of the most ambitious civil engineering works ever undertaken and the pride of 17th century France, the Canal achieved the dream of centuries: a link between the Atlantic and the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Now by-passed by modern trade, the Canal offers a pastoral idyll barely changed in more than 300 years.

A refreshingly realistic appraisal of the canals and by far the most useful book I've read on the subject. - Classic Boat
Evocative and well written, it can be enjoyed as a guide, travel story and pilot book. - Practical Boat Owner
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Caesars Passage Caesar's Passage

Shortlisted for The Author's Club Best First Novel Award, Caesar’s Passage weaves an authentic and breathlessly exhilarating adventure of family and fortune amid the raw forces of emerging Victorian capitalism.

The island of Sipan lies peacefully, just a mile or so off the Dalmatian coast, and Milo Beran is making rapid progress at the island's makeshift school. But when his father is dismissed by the estate's feudal landlord, Milo can no longer escape an islander's destiny. Forced to leave his home and his studies, he is plunged into the harshness of life at sea in the 1860s. After jumping ship in Peru, he is thrown into jail in the venal guano port of Callao and sets out to make his own way in the nitrate fields of Tarapaca

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